Oddokus are sudokus with a twist, they have an odd shape or are otherwise strange. This App allows you to solve those oddokus.

Like a normal sudoku, each number / symbol has to occur exactly once in each row / colum and group. In contrast to a normal sudoku, groups may have an odd shapre, or are overlayed on top of each other. For instance, an overlayed grey cross indicates that each diagonal is also a group: It too has to contain each symbol exactly once.

If you are stuck, press the lightbulb icon - the App will show you a human-understandable hint on how to proceed. This hint will initially be vague, but you can request a more concrete explanation with a simple click.

You can install this website as an app on your phone. Oddoku doesn't require an internet connection and will work offline.

Each oddoku is unique - if you don't like a particular one, you can start a new one with the button in the top-right corner.